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Why work at Ave Maria College?

Located in Aberfeldie, Ave Maria College is a Catholic girls' school founded in 1962 by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. The recently completed Master Building Plan created a contemporary learning environment for nearly 800 young women from Year 7 to Year 12. Our students are delightful young women who make teaching a pleasure. The College takes a strategic approach to change and growth, to ensure that intended outcomes are identified, addressed and reviewed.

Teaching at Ave Maria College

We offer our teaching staff a dynamic, resource-rich learning environment in which they can develop their professional practice. Professional Learning aligned with the College's Strategic Plan is a priority. Teachers develop individual professional learning plans and set targets for attainment. Team work and professional conversations are essential elements in building our collaborative learning environment.

Our teachers bring a range of academic and life experience to our classrooms. Many teachers undertake further tertiary studies, and a significant proportion has obtained Master's degrees. Teaching resources include a wireless network and a personal laptop computer.

Non-teaching staff

Non-teaching staff are vital to ensure the smooth functioning of our daily operations. We employ non-teaching staff in the following areas:
o Administration
o Finance
o Library Services
o Student Counselling
o Classroom Support

Staff Benefits

We believe that Ave Maria College is a friendly and welcoming workplace. Benefits offered include, but are not limited to:
o Attractive salaries
o Professional learning
o Career development opportunities
o Performance management and reviews
o Great facilities
o Employee assistance program
o Salary packaging

Enterprise Agreement

Ave Maria College teaching and non-teaching staff are currently employed under the Victorian Catholic Education Multi-Employer Agreement 2013. To view the employment terms and conditions, including salary scales, classifications, superannuation and other entitlements as part of this Agreement click on the link above.

Professional Learning

Teaching and non-teaching staff have access to ongoing professional learning. Professional learning commences with the development of an individual Objectives for Improved Performance strategy, in consultation with the Deputy Principal. Professional learning includes, but is not limited to, formal mentoring, in-house programs, external or on-line courses, performance appraisal and student or peer feedback as appropriate.

Career Development

A range of leadership opportunities is provided through the Positions of Leadership structure. Position descriptions are aligned with the strategic intent of the school, and identify the expected outcomes. Teachers may develop their leadership skills through participation in special projects, committees or working parties, or short-term replacement opportunities.


The beautifully restored historic ‘Clydebank' Mansion, located in heritage gardens, houses the administrative functions and staff offices. Our Chapel provides a quiet and prayerful place. The soaring glass-roofed piazza and internal garden offer a spacious and very popular gathering space. Outstanding student artwork is hung throughout the school. Dramatic use of colour creates a vibrant and contemporary feel. A diverse range of specialist facilities and well-appointed, flexible space classrooms compliment a rich curriculum.

Employee Assistance Program

Ave Maria College provides short-term employer sponsored professional counselling to employees through ACCESS Programs, a division of Catholic Care. ACCESS Programs is a provider of Employee Assistance Programs as part of the National Network of ACCESS Programs operating throughout Australia since 1989.


Staff at Ave Maria College are entitled to a range of family friendly leave, in accordance with the Victorian Catholic Education Multi-Employer Agreement 2013, including:
o School holiday or annual leave
o Long service leave
o Sick leave
o Carers leave