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From The Principal

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Ave Maria College is a warm and welcoming Catholic College for young women, in the Franciscan tradition. We seek to educate each young woman such that she develops the courage to excel, the confidence to thrive and the compassion to love.

Our energies are at the service of the girls. It is our hope and our endeavour that in their time with us, each young woman will develop under the inspiration of the Franciscan way, a strong sense of self, an informed global outlook and a firm willingness to serve the world. This will be inspired by her experience of Ave Maria College. Her faith and contemplation, her family and her education will be her lifelong gifts to the world. These same gifts will be her source of comfort and growth throughout life.

Since the commencement of the College in 1963, the College has maintained a strong tradition of firm faith, learning excellence and caring for each member of the community. Our vision,

'Striving for Truth through Love':

  • compels us to view learning as a striving for truth
  • this same striving for truth becomes our imperative in requiring all within our community to act with integrity and authenticity, with truth
  • in addition and most fundamentally, our vision invites us to bring the truth of who we are to a relationship with God who is Truth and Love

Striving for Truth  articulates the 'what' of our mission, through Love describes 'how' we do this.

Therefore, what a sacred and profound role we all have within the College in partnership with our faith communities and our families. In this work we are led and supported by a Franciscan model which "commits to justice, peace, the integrity of creation and to affirming the dignity of all peoples". (Australian Province FMM, Mission Statement)

Leading the learning of young women at Ave Maria College as Principal is a privilege.

Ave Maria College holds the care, safety and wellbeing of young people as a central and fundamental responsibility. Read more.

Elizabeth Hanney