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How does transition work?

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We take care to ensure that transition from primary school to secondary school is as smooth as possible.

We are very aware how daunting, yet exciting the move to secondary school can be.

Once your daughter's enrolment is confirmed we contact her primary school who provide us with information to help with her settling into Ave Maria College. College staff visit her primary school to meet her teachers.

An Orientation Day helps new students familiarise themselves with the College. Year 7 girls are placed in Homeroom groups which remain constant for the year, enabling girls to develop a sense of identity and belonging.

The Peer Support Program encourages the development of self-esteem, self-acceptance and confidence in Year 7 students.

A Year Level Team Leader is responsible for the overall wellbeing of each year level group.

Student Wellbeing
We are committed to creating and maintaining a positive learning environment. We place a particular emphasis on the wellbeing of students and we take a team approach to student management.

A common set of expectations for staff and students provides consistency.

The College actively promotes its Anti-Bullying, Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy.

Wellbeing plans for each year level together form a cohesive, comprehensive whole school approach to wellbeing. By addressing the issues, challenges, decisions and responsibilities students face, we empower our students to make right choices.

Restorative Practices
We are an accredited Restorative Practices school. Restorative Practices promotes the building of relationships by resolving conflicts. Relationships are nurtured and restored between community members, in order to provide high quality interpersonal relationships.