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What curriculum is offered?

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The College offers a broad core curriculum at Years 7 to 9

Year 10 students construct a program from a combination of core subjects, electives and a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) subject and a Vocational Education and Training (VET) Certificate.

Year 11 and 12 students pursue individual programs selected from VCE and VET.

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes range between 24 and 27 in Years 7 to 10.  In Years 11 and 12, the average size is approximately 17, with the range falling between 7 and 21 (depending on the distribution of student preferences).

At all year levels our classes are smaller than the allowable maximum size.

How do students decide what to do?

Course information is issued, and students and families are encouraged to consult with teachers for advice. The Pathways Coordinator provides specialized advice,  support and information about study choices and post-secondary school options. Year 10 students participate in Work Experience.

What about high achieving students?

High achieving students have opportunities to do extension work in class, or to participate in accelerated studies, including university extension studies.  Selection criteria apply. Competitions and select entry events, such as The Tournament of Minds, are keenly pursued.

What about special needs?

The Learning Enhancement Team supports students with special needs.
Support is usually provided in class. There are occasions when withdrawal may occur for short periods. The amount of support is dependent upon annual funding.