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Several camps are undertaken in the first half of the College year including Year 12 Retreat, Year 7 Camp and Year 9 Outdoor Adventure Camp. Subject camps are also conducted for Years 10 and 11 Outdoor Education.

This year's Year 7 camp was a great success with all girls taking part in many team and individual challenges. Students were fully engaged, gaining lots from the experience and no doubt new friendships have been formed. Year 11 Peer Support students also joined the Year 7 camp for one night which was a great initiative.

The Year 12 retreat two night experience enables our students to set their compass for their final year. It brings to consciousness God accompanying them throughout their year. It aims to ensure student unity, focus, and most importantly, embedding an opportunity for a faith encounter. Alongside goal setting will be activities which will frame their year with faith, focus and friendship.

Year 9 Outdoor Adventure Camp allows students to discover their sense of adventure and bond with their peers. It is designed to be challenging, educational and most importantly, enjoyable. Students use this opportunity to learn skills such as navigating, surfing, campsite preparation, meal preparation and develop their understanding of the importance of minimal impact on the environment. It is also a great way to strengthen student and teacher bonds, enhance teamwork skills and experience learning in a different environment and method.

The Year 10 Outdoor and Environmental class participated in a three day expedition to the Brisbane Ranges National Park and the surrounding areas. The purpose of this expedition is to view different aspects of the environment firsthand and the impact of early settlers; with a particular focus on the gold rush at Steiglitz.  Students also had the opportunity to experience natural rock climbing and abseiling along with a bush walking experience. 

Unit 1 Outdoor Education saw a three day camp in the Grampians National Park. The purpose of the camp is to enable students to have sufficient environmental experience in which to successfully reflect upon and apply to questions on their
mid-semester exam. Activities included rock climbing and abseiling.