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2017 Kick Arts Event

On Friday, 28 April 2017 Ave Maria College competed at Kick Arts 2017, held at St Bernard's College. The annual event, saw both Colleges come together with St Columba's to all showcase their talents in music, drama and dance.

A huge congratulations to Year 10 students Joanna Ckuj, Bridie Mc Guire, Giuliana Lombardi and Alyssa Soloczynskyj, overall winners in the music section of the evening.

Finally, a special congratulations goes to Year 12 student Sienna Paolone for winning the People's Choice Artwork award. Well done Sienna.

2017 Kick Arts Music Section Winners: 


2017 People's Choice Artwork Winner: Sienna Paolone

Lab Rats

The Lab Rats Science Club is an eight week extension program for Year 7 and 8 students running in Semester 1. Lab Rats Science Club meet Tuesday afterschool from 3.40pm to 4.30pm. Students complete a range of experiments such as making Lava Lamps and a bull's sys dissection. 

This year students will also participate in Science Teacher's Association of Victoria (STAV) Science Talent Search. Lab Rats also run a "Make Science Your Valentine" day activity where student grow love heart crystals.


Book Corner

Book Corner is a chance to talk about your favourite books, and hear what others are reading. Topics to date have included: favourite book with sad ending; who is the most annoying character in a book; where is your favourite place to read; who was your favourite lead protagonist in a novel; and three books to take to a desert island.