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College Achievements

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Congratulations to the Class of 2017

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 who achieved very pleasing results across many subjects. Faith Andres is the College Dux, achieving an outstanding ATAR results of 98.35. As a student of the Maths and Sciences, Faith's success is a wonderful result for these domains. Faith gave full energy and focus, bringing both intellect and effort to every class. She also committed herself to rigorous home study and close collaboration with her teachers. Faith's result is a credit to herself, her teachers and family.

We also congratulate Madeleine Carrick who achieved great success overall, with a particularly pleasing study score of 49 in Physical Education.

Other top performances include: Heidi Macuz, Olivia Galea, Mary Kadar, Olivia Robertson, Gabriella Serrano, Olivia Fazio, Stephanie Said, Liz Nguyen and Bianca Fastuca.

 Class of 2017 College Dux Faith Andres