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Other Achievements

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Language Perfect World Championship 2016

Language Perfect is a language learning program the LOTE students are using to further their knowledge of Italian or Indonesian. Each year Education Perfect runs a language competition internationally. Many students took on board the challenge of the competition and accrued a number of extra points to their tally for Awards later in the year.

Overall Ave Maria College answered a total of 442,336 questions over 10 days, finishing 107th out of 1109 schools from around the globe and placing 6th for Indonesian and 15th for Italian. This is a fantastic result and one which all students should be very proud of. Ave Maria College is pleased to acknowledge the following students who performed with excellence, responding to many questions during the competition.

Year 7C Indonesian (28 students) - 739
Year 9C Italian ((28 students) - 590
Year 9A Indonesian (28 students) - 535
Year 10A Indonesian (28 students) - 488
Year 7E Indonesian (28 students) - 481

Congratulations to Isabella Magazzu, Year 9 for being the top scoring student

Isabella Magazzu - 6,611
Rebecca Keenan - 4,522
Isabella Fabiani - 4,002
Mya Borderick - 3,893
Isabelle Marzico - 3,876

VILTA Sayembara Lisan 2016

The Victorian Indonesian Teachers Association recently ran its annual Indonesian Language Speaking Competition. Ave Maria College applauds the following students who made it to the finals:

Year 8: Catherine Lewis, Kahlia Szabo, Lily Cervetto, Alysha Franze, Bridget Tennant, Jordan Sholl

Year 9: Sarah Burke

Year 11: Lisa Lewis, Liz Nguyen

We congratulate Liz Nguyen, Year 11 and Lily Cervetto, Year 8 who were awarded 2nd and 3rd place respectively at the Finals of this competition held at Sidney Myer Asia Centre, Melbourne University on Saturday, 18 June 2016.Sayembara Lisan Competition 2016

Dante Alegheri Poetry Competiton 2016

The Dante Alighieri Society, established in 1889, is a society whose sole purpose is to promote the study of Italian language and culture throughout the world. The society was named after Dante Alighieri a pre-Renaissance poet from Florence and the author of The Divine Comedy. Dante is considered the father of the Italian language. One of the society's many promotional activities is the Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition where students have the opportunity to compete in any of the three different categories: Poetry Recital, Original Poetry Writing, or Discussion.

This year saw over 3,000 students participate from across Victoria, 53 of whom were Ave Maria College students. These students were required to recite an Italian poem to a panel of judges who assessed according to set criteria. Those candidates who achieved 99-100 points for the first recitation were recalled to the Finals.

Amongst a high level of competition Ave Maria College had four students selected to progress to the finals: Year 9 students Maria Agnesi, Crisitna Gattellari, Katia Pietrolungo and Year 11 student Carla Catalano.

We are proud of our students and their extraordinary achievement and congratulate them for their personal efforts.