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Other Achievements

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2017 Language Perfect World Championships

The Language Perfect World Championships have concluded and a huge congratulations to all 358 students from the College who took part answering an amazing 579,118 questions, amassing a total of 813 hours of online language learning.  Due to the high level of participation Ave Maria College was ranked 9th out of 667 schools for Italian and 4th out of 537 schools for Indonesian.

The effort was outstanding, resulting in 108 certificates being awarded to Ave Maria College students. These were divided into the following categories: Elite: 1, Gold: 7 Silver: 20, Bronze: 28, and Credit: 52.

Well done to Hannah Dimevski, Year 10 with 11,348 points earning her the Elite award and badge by Language Perfect. Great job!


In addition, congratulations to the year 12 Italian class for winning the school based Ave Championships and being rewarded with a pizza lunch.

Thank you to every student who took part and hopefully there was lots of language learning along with some fun.






2017 VILTA Sayembara Lisan

The Sayembara Lisan Indonesian Speaking Competition took place in Term 2 with 57 students from Years 8-10 participating. 19 students from the College progressed to the finals held on Friday, 2 June 2017, embarking on a round robin style challenge which resulted in three students being successful and winning an award.

Ave Maria College applauds all students who participated. Special congratulations to Meg Hogan, Year 8 Beginners (3rd Prize), Marianne Finlay, Year 9 Continuing (3rd Prize) and Sarah Burke, Year 10 Continuing (3rd Prize).


2017 Dante Alighieri Poetry Competiton

The Dante Alighieri Society, established in 1889, is a society whose sole purpose is to promote the study of Italian language and culture throughout the world. The society was named after Dante Alighieri a pre-Renaissance poet from Florence and the author of The Divine Comedy. Dante is considered the father of the Italian language. One of the society's many promotional activities is the Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition where students have the opportunity to compete in any of the three different categories: Poetry Recital, Original Poetry Writing, or Discussion.

In June, a number of students from Years 9 -11 studying Italian this year took part in the Dante Alighieri Poetry Recitation Competition. This resulted in 5 finalists being chosen to return to Melbourne University to be tested for a second and third time in early Term 3. The finalists were: Alicia Librandi and Briana Marino, Year 9, Marie Agnesi and Cristina Gattellari, Year 10 and Deanna Fimiani, Year 11. 

Congratulations to Cristina Gattellari, awarded 2nd prize in the Year 10 Italian-Australian section and Deanna Fimiani, awarded 2nd prize in the year 11 Italian-Australian category.

We are proud of our students and their extraordinary achievement and congratulate everyone for their personal efforts.


Cristina Gattellari, Marie Agnesi, Deanna Fimiani, Briana Marino and Alicia Librandi

2017 Swinburn Junior Poetry Competition

Congratulations are extended to students from 7B and 7D who studied Italian in Semester 1 and took part in the Swinburne Junior Poetry Competition.

Everyone performed well and was awarded certificates of merit or honourable mention.

Alexandra Priestley, performed exceptionally well and was awarded 2nd place and a $50 voucher.