Friday 23 February 2024

Executive Deputy Principal

  • Ave Charter for Education
  • Learning Resources
  • Supporting Learning from home
  • Ave Charter for Education
  • Learning Resources
  • Supporting Learning from home

Welcome to the 2024 Academic Year. It has been wonderful to see learning and teaching in action as students, staff and families returned to the College. Please find below some key information to assist you with the commencement of 2024.

Ave Maria College Charter for Education:

The Ave Maria College Charter for Education provides a strong foundation for the establishment of programs and learning environments that maximise growth, engagement and academic excellence. The Charter underpins all learning design and practice at the College, ensuring that students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding required for them to be the leaders of the future. A copy of the Charter is available for download via the College website. We encourage all members of our community to familiarise themselves with this foundation document.

Reminder – College Lesson Times:

The table below contains the schedule of lessons and structure of the school day that is now in operation for the 2024 Academic Year:

Standard School Day:

Day 8:

  • 8.45am: Warning Bell
  • 8.50am – 9.03am: Mentor (including Still Point)
  • 9.03am – 9.05am: Travel Time
  • 9.05am – 9.55am: Period 1
  • 9.55am – 9.57am: Travel Time
  • 9.57am – 10.47am: Period 2
  • 10.47am – 11.07am: Recess (Warning Bell: 11.04am)
  • 11.07am – 11.57am: Period 3
  • 11.57am – 11.59am: Travel Time
  • 11.59am – 12.49pm: Period 4
  • 12.49pm – 1.28pm: Lunch (Warning Bell: 1.25pm)
  • 1.28pm – 2.18pm: Period 5
  • 2.18pm – 2.20pm: Travel Time
  • 2.20pm – 3.10pm: Period 6
  • 8.45am: Warning Bell
  • 8.50am – 9.35am: Period 1
  • 9.35am – 9.37am: Travel Time
  • 9.37am – 10.22am: Period 2
  • 10.22am – 10.42am: Recess (Warning Bell: 10.39am)
  • 10.42am – 11.27am: Extended Mentor (including Still Point)
  • 11.27am – 11.29am: Travel Time
  • 11.29am – 12.14pm: Period 3
  • 12.14pm – 12.43pm: Lunch (Warning Bell: 12.40pm)
  • 12.43pm – 1.28pm: Period 4
  • 1.28pm – 1.30pm: Travel Time
  • 1.30pm – 2.15pm: Period 5

For your planning, the table below provides a summary of the remaining dates in which the lesson structure for a Day 8 will operate in Semester One 2024:

Term One 2024Wednesday 28 February 2024

Wednesday 13 March 2024
Wednesday 27 March 2024

Term Two 2024Wednesday 8 May 2024
Wednesday 22 May 2024
Wednesday 5 June 2024
Wednesday 19 June 2024

Please note that the College has made contact with the relevant Public Transportation Bodies to inform them of the changes to lesson times. The College will make contact with families if/when any update in relation to the bus services is provided.

Learning Resources:

To maximise opportunities for learner engagement, families are reminded that students are required to have resources for learning as stipulated on the 2024 Booklists. Families with questions or requiring assistance with this are welcome to make contact.

2024 College Calendar:

The College Calendar is now live for families to access. This is available for download via the College Website under News and Events. Families will receive communication regarding the requirements for specific events in a timely fashion prior to them occurring.

Emergency Management Exercise – Monday 26 February 2024:

As part of the College Emergency Management Plan and our compliance cycle, the College is required to host Emergency Management Exercises/Drills at different times throughout the academic year. These aim to maximise community health and safety, ensuring students and staff have the required knowledge, skills and understanding to respond appropriately in an emergency situation. Students and staff will participate in their next drill/exercise on Monday 26 February 2024. The exercise will focus on the process to be employed in the event of a Lockdown. To maximise success and ensure all parties involved in the exercise are well supported, staff and students will be briefed and debriefed as part of the drill.

Supporting Learning from Home:

Families are thanked for their continued support as we work together to embed the Ave Maria College Charter for Education. Listed below are some tips for maximising student success in learning at home for your consideration:

  • Use Ave Learning as a tool for planning home study and organisation for the week. Ave Learning contains access to lesson plans, home study, student timetables etc.
  • Set up a space for learning at home that maximises engagement in tasks and inspires creativity and success. Consider noise, natural light, distractions, access to resources etc.
  • Establish a routine that is well balanced. Consider a mixture of home study, socialisation, hobbies, family time etc.
  • Engage in dialogue about learning. Discuss achievements from the day, upcoming tasks and key areas of focus.
  • Share the love of learning. This may include working together in preparation for key assessments and the completion of home study, playing games to assist revision etc.

Mr Dane Calleja
Executive Deputy Principal