Friday 18 August 2023

Executive Deputy Principal

  • Term 3 Educational Initiatives
  • Learning Program in the Spotlight – Ave Maria College and Liverpool Football Club International Academy
  • Term 3 Educational Initiatives
  • Learning Program in the Spotlight – Ave Maria College and Liverpool Football Club International Academy

Term 3 Educational Initiatives

Ave Maria College continues to provide opportunities for student learning, that aim to maximise student growth and engagement, whilst providing each individual with an opportunity to pursue their pathway of choice.

In the first few weeks of Term 3, students have been exposed to a range of bespoke learning opportunities that aim to complement the acquisition of knowledge, skill and understanding within their core learning schedules.

Listed below is a snapshot of some of the many opportunities that students across Years 7-12 have had access to over the past few weeks:

  • Launch of the Ave Maria College and Liverpool Football Club International Academy
  • Year 9 Interdisciplinary Day Program Day 1 – STEM Inquiry and Project Based Learning Modules – Design for a Disability
  • Conclusion of the Year 7 and 8 STEM Days Program for 2023 where students collaborated, problem solved, created, explored, trialled and tested as part of multifaceted inquire and project based learning modules
  • Commencement of Rehearsals for the Year 9 Play – The Curse of Macbeth
  • Continuation of the Primary School Service Program – 100 Days of Prep, Leadership of Faith Formation Programs, Coordination of Afterschool Homework Clubs etc.
  • Activation of the next phase of planning for the 2024 International Learning Tour Program – Italy Language and Cultural Tour and the Indonesian Language and Cultural Tour
  • Preparation for the Annual Kick Arts Performances
  • Operation of Themed based Subject Weeks and associated activities – Languages Week, STEM and Enterprise Week, House Week, Science and Mathematics Week

Staff Curriculum Professional Learning Day – Monday 14 August 2023

Staff at the College engaged in a Curriculum Professional Learning Day on Monday 14 August 2023. This event focused on the Art of Differentiation and aimed to build expertise in the creation of learning experiences, that maximise student growth and engagement whilst catering for the needs and interests of each individual.

Staff engaged in a series of workshops led by expert, Glen Pearsall, and worked collaboratively to explore best practice research and evidence based high impact teaching strategies. Joining the staff were representatives from some of our Feeder Primary Schools.

This program forms part of the College Professional Learning and Growth Framework and the College Strategic Plan, aiming to ensure that we continue to provide personalised high quality learning experiences across all subject areas in every lesson of every day.

Year 7-10 Parent Teacher Student Conferences – Thursday 17 August 2023

All students and families are thanked for their participation in the Year 7-10 Parent Teacher Student Conferences that were held online on Thursday 17 August 2023. These conferences provided the opportunity for staff, students and families to work in partnership to celebrate current achievements and plan for the next stages of learning.

Families are encouraged to continue to make contact with their child’s Mentor Teacher or Subject Teacher throughout Semester 2 so that discussions around learning, growth and engagement can continue.

The Parent Teacher Student Conferences will be complemented by the release of the Term 3 Progress Report prior to the September Break.

2024 Subject Selection

All students and families are thanked for their participation in the 2024 Subject Selection Process. The process executed this year was further enhanced from previous years, maximising the opportunities for current subject teachers, students and families to be engaged in the selection and planning process.

Students and families attended information seminars, 1:1 mentoring sessions, the 2024 Subject Selection Evening and Subject Expo and completed the subject sign off process. They also had the opportunity to engage with a range of tools inclusive of careers testing, handbooks, websites etc. All of these mechanisms were put in place to support students with their choices and to ensure continued success in learning throughout 2024.

The next stage of the process will be activated in Term 4 2023 when students and families receive their 2024 Learning Schedule and Booklist.

2024 Academic Scholarship Testing – Saturday 26 August 2024

Families are thanked for their registration for the 2024 Academic Scholarship Testing that will be hosted at the College on Saturday 26 August 2023.

Further details associated with the logistics and process for testing will be circulated to the families of students who have registered for this event.

Learning Program in the Spotlight – Ave Maria College and Liverpool Football Club International Academy

As part of our celebration of student learning, each Newsletter will feature a different learning program. This aims to educate the community in relation to our wide range of offerings as well as celebrate the different pathways that students have the opportunity to engage in. This edition of the Newsletter will focus on the Ave Maria College and Liverpool Football Club International Academy.

The partnership between Ave Maria College and the Liverpool Football Club International Academy aims to further enhance the learning opportunities available for students. With a focus on belonging, growth and engagement, the program will provide another dimension to the College Health and Physical Education Curriculum, exposing students to the Liverpool methodology for the acquisition of soccer knowledge, skill and understanding. The inclusive nature of the program will provide all students with the opportunity to be involved.

Complementing the Health and Physical Education Curriculum Units will also be the opportunity for students to pursue pathways in coaching and various other micro credentials. Linked with the Australian College of Physical Education, the partnership will provide students with the opportunity to explore study in sports management, physical education, sports business, health and much more.

Elements of the program will also be available to the wider Ave Maria College community, with skill development workshops and clinics operating at various stages throughout the year.

Mr Dane Calleja
Executive Deputy Principal