Friday 24 May 2024

International Learning Tour - Italy

Reflections for our recent International Learning Tour to Italy

Reflections for our recent International Learning Tour to Italy

Enthusiastically we took off for Italy with excitement and anticipation, our dream of going to Italy finally a reality. The moment we landed we adapted to the Italian way of doing things, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

It is difficult to pick and choose elements of our journey to highlight because no single moment can quite capture the incredible experience the whole tour provided for our students. Naturally, visited the typical tourist sites, the Forum, the Colosseum, in the evening we through coins in the Trevi Fountain. However, whilst these sites were informative and romantic, even more entertaining were some of the activities we did along the way. What better way to understand what went on in the arena of the Colosseum than to attend gladiator school and learn how to wield a sword and practise some combat moves.

Southwards took us to the rich volcanic areas surrounding Sorrento crowned in lemon and orange groves. Herculaneum and Pompeii both displayed life in Ancient Roman times and showed how precarious life can be when one lives in the vicinity of a volcano. Equally beautiful was the island of Capri, even though our ability to explore the island was somewhat hindered by rain. Forced indoors, we visited cute little handcraft stores and learnt about local legends.

The Amalfi coast is dotted with hidden secrets waiting for passers-by to discover. We embarked on a trail called The Walk of The Gods. Indeed the Gods shone upon us and guided us along an ancient mule trail from Bomerano over hilltops to one of the most breadth takingly beautiful destinations in the world, Positano. On our approach the afternoon sun gleaned on the tiny gem-like town. Quickly our weariness and the challenge of the hike dissipated as the natural beauty of time and place enveloped us in its azure glory.

Umbria continued to amaze us, a change in landscape dotted with underground caves dating back to a time before the Romans. In Orvieto we felt safe and at home welcomed by the locals that we felt confident enough to speak the lingo, try different foods and even learnt the basics for making our own pasta. Continuing north we enjoyed Florence thoroughly. Our one night at the Opera treated us to a brilliant performance by 3 tenors and a touch of classical ballet. The night fairs leading up to Easter were fascinating. We joined buskers in the piazza. We listened to music, we sang and we danced. We overdosed on gelato and drank decadent hot chocolates. The vibe was electric!

Nevertheless, Venice was waiting for us. Here we explored 17th century fashion with all its curiosities, watched glass blowing in Murano and experienced the intricacies of public transport in the waterways. Of course, we cannot forget our ever so romantic ride on a gondola. Che stupendo! Then our final stop Milan, where we visited La Scala. Allowed to sit in the private booths looking over the stage we could almost hear the dulcet tones of Verdi’s music.

Our itinerary was full to the brim with activities and unforgettable experiences.

Mrs Carla Godoy
Languages Teacher and Tour Leader