Friday 15 September 2023

Assistant Principal (Students and Engagement)

  • Multicultural Week
  • 2024 Student Leadership
  • Multicultural Week
  • 2024 Student Leadership

Multicultural Week: Celebrating our Diversity of Culture

Our Multicultural Week was a wonderful celebration of the cultural diversity we have at Ave. 

On the Monday of Multicultural Week, we recognised that under the concrete and asphalt of Ave Maria College, is land that was and always will be, traditional Aboriginal land, another’s Dreaming. We added to our Indigenous Garden. 

On Tuesday, students enjoyed their Lotus Biscoff biscuits from Belgium. Students were informed that many of our Australian soldiers fought for our freedom in World War 1 as they left through the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium. They were also informed that many of their grandparents had to leave their countries due to war and wanting to provide their families with freedom and opportunity in Australia. 

On Wednesday students placed stickers on a giant world map showing where they (or their ancestors) came from. 

On Thursday students were invited to play Bocce, Tombola (developed in Italy) and Giant Jenga (invented in South Africa). The week culminated in all students wearing either their cultural dress or the colours of the flag of their country, where they/their ancestors came from. Students proudly wore cultural dress and colours of their flags. 

The lunchtime dance to cultural music is always a highlight and this year it did not disappoint. Through the Multicultural Week, students grew in their understanding that we are richer for all these cultures contributing to our Ave community. Understanding grows tolerance of all cultures in the wider world in which Ave students move and live.

Student Leadership for 2024

This year we have focused on our patron saint Mary and her bravery as a young woman saying “Yes” to God, to be the mother of Jesus. It is this same bravery that has been demonstrated as we move into the appointment of our College Student Leaders for 2024. The appointment of students to any leadership role is taken very seriously as students need to demonstrate that the values of Ave will be upheld, and that they can work collaboratively to encourage all voices to be heard as they work towards improvements for the Ave Community.

This year the current Year 12 Captains presented in a forum to the Year 11 students regarding their successes and challenges in being in a Captain position, whilst undertaking their final year of studies. The Year 11s who attended found this most beneficial to hear from these experts.

The 2024 Year 12 Student Leadership Team will comprise:

2 College Co-Captains

2 Franciscan Captains

1 Academic Captain

1 Arts Captain

8 House Captains.

Every applicant for the College Co-Captain 2024 position was required to apply, and to present a speech at the Year 10 and 11 Assembly, and then to be interviewed by the Principal, Ms Tanya Hutton and myself. Feedback was then sought from the Year 10 cohort, the Year 11 cohort and staff. Through this process, the character of each applicant has shone through. 

Their bravery in putting themselves forward to lead the College has been evident. This is testimony to the encouragement of the whole community over their years at Ave, and that they have experienced opportunities to lead and to improve the College. The Franciscan Captain, Academic Captain, Arts Captain and House Captain position descriptions will be released on the last day of Term 3. We encourage all Year 11 students to submit an application as we value the diversity in voice and strengths that each of them can bring to the position.

May all students belong and thrive at Ave.

Ms Leonie Rushbrook
Assistant Principal (Students and Engagement)