Friday 15 December 2023

Acting Assistant Principal (Wellbeing and Community)

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Academic and Community Awards Night (ACAN)

At the end of each year we celebrate the achievements of our students at the highest level. On Tuesday, 5 December we recognised our students through a range of awards.

Academic awards celebrated the highest academic achievement in each subject at each year level and in the Horizons program. We recognised contribution to the College community through our House awards, rewarding those students who have actively engaged in a range of activities throughout the year. We also acknowledged students who demonstrated strong leadership abilities and the qualities encouraged by the Franciscan charism. The Future Leader Award and the Spirit of Ave Award recognise these qualities.

We acknowledged the top five students in each year level as they joined the Honour Roll. Our Dux for each year level was announced and all students were awarded certificates and trophies for their outstanding achievement.

In addition to awards presented by the College, we also have strong ties with external community and academic organisations. This year we bestowed the following external awards:

  • Kwong Lee Dow – The University of Melbourne
  • Long Tan Leadership Award – Australian Defence Force
  • Future Innovators Award – Australian Defence Force
  • Ampol All-Rounder – Ampol Australia
  • Moonee Valley Foundation Award – Moonee Valley Council
  • Sporting Excellence – Netball, Softball and Swimming state representation
  • Prestigious Club Award – Athletics and Tae Kwon Do

A highlight of the evening was the performances. Our choir, led by Ms Sophie Maclure, performed Woyaya (We are going) by Osibisa and When I grow up from Matilda the Musical. Charlize Bacarac (Year 9) delighted the audience with her rendition of A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

Photos from the evening can be found here: ACAN

A list of our major award recipients can be found at the end of this newsletter.

ACE Awards Assemblies

The ACE Awards are distinguished from ACAN Awards as they recognise different achievements and contributions of our students. These awards are grounded in the Ave Charter for Education and are intrinsically connected to our goals of supporting our students to belong, engage and thrive.

The Engage and Thrive awards recognise the highest achievements in individual classes and the students who have made the most growth. In addition to this, the Belong Award is earned by a student in each Mentor Group who has displayed the values of the College through inclusion, kindness, hard work, engagement and support. The ACE Awards allow us to celebrate many aspects of our students and the way they contribute to the culture of the College.

The photos from the Year 10 and 11 ACE Awards Assembly can be found here: Ace Awards Semester 2 2023

The photos from the Year 7 – 9 ACE Awards Assembly can be found here: ACE Awards Semester 2 2023

*Please note: these photos may require your child to log into their College account to access. 

Mrs Natalie Meddis
Acting Assistant Principal (Community and Partnerships)