Friday 03 November 2023

Director of Catholic Identity & Mission

  • Graduation Mass
  • Laudate Deum
  • Graduation Mass
  • Laudate Deum

God’s Word

The celebration of the Graduation Mass for our Year 12 students was a wonderful occasion. We are fortunate at Ave Maria to have so many people willing to contribute to our community events. In particular, the choir, led by Ms Sophie Maclure, were exceptional in what they contributed to the liturgy. We are also thankful to Fr. John Hannon, who in his homily reminded us of the value of the message of the Gospels and why we should take the time to listen to it.

‘One thing that strikes me is that Catholic secondary education gives you a good base for understanding the Gospel message of Jesus as a very positive and fulfilling way of living life well and happily. We surely know that a life based on selfishness and greed, with a determination to not let others get in our way is not a happy one. Jesus reminds us of the need to love others, in all the dimensions of that word.’

This year we have included many opportunities for our community to listen to God’s Word. This has included the retreat for our Year 12’s, Faith Formation Days for students and staff, Masses and liturgies, daily prayers provided by our community and many other examples. However, as Fr. John reminds us, it is in the doing, the living out of this message, that the God’s word becomes real in our world.

Laudate Deum / Praise God

Pope Francis released a new document on October 4, published as an Apostolic Exhortation called Laudate Deum or Praise God. This document builds on his 2015 encyclical, Laudate Si’ about the global environmental crisis the world is facing. In exploring this emergency, the Pope describes the current time as a watershed moment, during which our world must respond or face devastating consequences. In the document he describes how, ‘We’re not reacting enough’ and ‘we’re close to breaking point.’

Pope Francis also provides hope that we can face this challenge and that our young people deserve a future within which they can flourish. Our Catholic tradition has a long and proud history of spiritual leaders who have seen and experienced the beauty of God’s creation. One of our House Patron’s, St Francis of Assisi, is one of many Christian mystics who wrote about connecting with the natural world. Catholic theology describes the natural world as the primary revelation of God, meaning it is the first and fundamental way in which we can experience the divine. Let us take some time in our busy lives to do just that.

“Laudate Deum”: the Pope’s cry for a response to the climate crisis - Vatican News

"Laudate Deum": Apostolic Exhortation to all people of good will on the climate crisis (4 October 2023) | Francis (

Mr Patrick Hogan
Director of Catholic Identity and Mission