Friday 03 November 2023

Careers Education Leader

  • Early Entry Programs, Offers and Enrolments
  • Work Experience & Local Opportunities
  • GEMS in STEM
  • Early Entry Programs, Offers and Enrolments
  • Work Experience & Local Opportunities
  • GEMS in STEM

Early Entry Programs

Congratulations to over 70 Year 12 students, who have an early entry offer to tertiary study. These offers may be for a preferred or pathway course.

There are now seven different early entry programs available for students for tertiary entry. Each has different requirements but mostly recognise students’ community involvement, volunteer work, employability skills, or any leadership roles. ACU Guaranteed and the new, La Trobe ASPIRE Year 11 Conditional Offer programs also consider Year 11 results.

Successful applicants receive either:

  • Entry into preferred course, with a lower ATAR, or
  • A conditional offer with only prerequisite study scores required.

Students are encouraged to get involved in their school or community to be eligible to apply. See more information on Early Entry Programs here.

Work Experience 2024

Work experience will be available for Year 10 students in 2024 and is optional and voluntary. Students who wish to pursue a placement in a career area of interest are encouraged to start researching now. A letter will be sent home to parents later in Term 4 with further details. Enquiries are welcome to Ms Zoe Anderson,

Media Industry Experience

Our six Media Ambassadors, from Year 7 to 11, represented Ave at Our Lady of the Nativity Primary School, by taking photos of students learning at their school. These photos will be used on the new school website. The team used their camera equipment, expertise and work skills to collaborate in a professional manner. All students contributed their great ideas, regardless of year level. Students communicated effectively with the Principal, Teachers and the primary school children, to ensure wonderfully creative and colourful photos.

Gems in STEM

On Friday 27 October, our Year 10 students heard from a panel of inspirational women that are caring for our environment and community, through careers in Engineering! Solving problems for our world, using technology to provide safe drinking water, new recycling systems and protecting our resources, are all areas that our students could pursue in their future careers.

Local Job Opportunities

Ave students 15 years and older, are encouraged to apply for casual summer work in all entry level areas. Due to the jobs boom, now is a great time to apply! Jobs are advertised on business windows, company websites and on employment websites. Recent advertisements have included Baker’s Delight, Kmart, Grill’d, Ascot Vale Leisure Centre, MVRC Events and Playtime. Tips to apply are in this week’s newsletter.

Unit 3/4 VCE subject results (Year 11 and 12 students)

All students will receive a statement of VCE study scores from VCAA via post.

To access the Results and ATAR Service online or via the App, from 7am, Monday 11 December, students will need to register on the Results and ATAR website before this date. Students will be asked to provide their name, VCAA student number, date of birth, email address and create an 8-letter password. The password created will be valid for use in both the app and website.

For more FAQ see:

Year 12 Transition information


The ATAR is released on Monday 11 December 7am, together with VCE subject results via the Results and ATAR website. As per instructions above, students must register to access their results and ATAR online.

Final Change of Preference

Students can change tertiary course preferences if desired, but final change of preference closes Wednesday 13 December (12pm). All Universities and TAFEs have 1:1 counselling hotlines and online service between 11-12 December. Our Careers Advisors will be available at this time for counselling. Phone or email for an appointment

Offers and Enrolment

  • Offers are emailed to students & in VTAC account on Thursday 21 December, 2pm
  • Enrolment = accepting the offer (due within a few days)
  • Always accept the offer
  • MUST attend/or enrol online
  • pay students amenities fees
  • choose subjects
  • pay tuition fees or provide a Tax file number for HECS
  • Officially defer prior to enrolment date, as per University email instructions.

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Mrs Poppy Ibrahim
Careers Education Leader