Friday 15 December 2023

Careers Education Leader

  • Year 12 Transition Information
  • Tertiary Offers
  • Career Exploration
  • Year 12 Transition Information
  • Tertiary Offers
  • Career Exploration

Unit 3-4 VCE subject results (Year 11 and 12 students) and ATAR release

To access the Results and ATAR Service online, (or via the App), from 7am, Monday, 11 December, students will need to have registered first on the Results and ATAR website. Students will be asked to provide their name, VCAA student number, date of birth, email address and create an 8-letter password. The password created will be valid for use in both the App and website. All students will receive a printed statement in the mail.

For more FAQ see:

Year 12 Change of Preference  

After receiving results and ATAR, students have the opportunity to change tertiary course preferences, but final changes are due by 12pm, Wednesday, 13 December. Our Careers Advisers are available for advice at this time. All Universities/TAFEs have 1:1 counselling hotlines and online service for students. Contact details are available here    

Our Careers Advisors will be available on Monday 11 December for counselling. Phone or email for an appointment

Offers and Enrolment

  • Offers are emailed to students and in VTAC account by 2pm Thursday, 21 December.
  • Accepting the offer is required within a few days.
  • Always accept the offer:
    • MUST attend/or enrol online
    • pay students amenities fees
    • choose subjects
    • pay tuition fees or provide USI and Tax file number for a HECS/HELP Loan
    • applicant may still receive a higher preference in a future round
  • Applicants must have a Tax File Number and USI to enrol in a course.

Change of preference is open for 24 hours until 22 December, then again after the January round on 12 January. See dates here   

Always accept your first offer, as you can withdraw later if offered something higher on your preference list in a later round. 80% of offers are made in December, so don’t count on later round offers. 

Early Entry Programs

Congratulations to over 80 Year 12 students, who have an early entry offer to tertiary study. These offers may be for a preferred or pathway course.

There are now seven different early entry programs available for students for tertiary entry. Each has different requirements but mostly recognise students’ community involvement, volunteer work, employability skills, or any leadership roles. ACU Guaranteed and the new, La Trobe ASPIRE Year 11 Conditional Offer programs also consider Year 11 results.

Successful applicants receive either

  • Entry into preferred course, with a lower ATAR, or
  • A conditional offer with only prerequisite study scores required

Students are encouraged to get involved in their school or community to be eligible to apply. See more information on Early Entry Programs here.

Year 7 and 8 Careers Activities

During our end of year activities, Year 7 and 8 students explored their interests and strengths that could lead to their future careers. Students were inspired by some exciting Ave Alumnae journeys. Each student completed a Career Action Plan, including career interests, favorite subjects, and activities they enjoy.

Work Experience 2024

Work experience will be available for Year 10 students in 2024 and is optional and voluntary. Students who wish to pursue a placement in a career area of interest are encouraged to start researching now. A letter has been sent home to parents with details. Enquiries are welcome to Ms Zoe Anderson,

Ave Maria Careers Website - Career Exploration 

School holidays are an opportunity for students to continue their online research of careers and courses. Students are encouraged to explore occupations, labour market growth and careers using our Ave Maria Careers website. On the homepage, students can search the VTAC site, which contains all Victorian university courses by entering a keyword ie. architecture, law, medicine, engineering. Career Bullseye Targets are a great way for students to see the careers that favourite subjects can lead into.  

Mrs Poppy Ibrahim
Careers Education Leader