Friday 23 February 2024

Careers Education Leader

  • Year 12 Future Planning
  • Morrisby Online Profile
  • Ave Maria Careers Website
  • Year 12 Future Planning
  • Morrisby Online Profile
  • Ave Maria Careers Website

Careers Team

The Ave Maria Careers team includes Ms Zoe Anderson and Ms Poppy Ibrahim. We look forward to working with you and your daughters to plan their future pathways. We aim to provide a hope-filled, strengths based and future focused approach. We are located in the Helene Library and provide student resources, programs, events, classes and careers counselling.

Optional Work Experience Program

Students in Year 10 are welcome to seek work experience for the last week of Term 1, 25-28 March. Parents and students have been provided with information and must complete all forms and signed paperwork, to be submitted to Ms Zoe Anderson by no later than Friday 29 February.

Year 12 future planning

Each student will participate in an individual Year 12 Future Planning meeting this term. These meetings are important to discuss plans and to research options for 2025. Parents are welcome to attend by emailing

Morrisby Online Profile

On Tuesday 12 March, all Year 10 students will be undertaking the Morrisby Online Profile vocational testing. This provides students with a valuable tool to determine a variety of suitable careers. Students will use their profile to select and research careers of interest, possible subjects for VCE and relevant tertiary courses. The career suggestions are based on individual strengths, interests and personality.

Follow up 1:1 appointment with a Career Advisor will occur in Term 2, to develop an individual Career Action Plan to assist with subject selection and pathways. Parents are welcome to these meetings.

Ave Maria Careers website

Our Ave Maria Careers website can be easily accessed, via our main website links or click here. It is a wonderful tool for students and families to explore important career information and resources.

This weeks newsletter: Ave Maria College (

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Mrs Poppy Ibrahim
Careers Education Leader