Friday 24 May 2024

Assistant Principal (Students and Engagement)

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  • Whole School Assembly
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Whole School Assembly

Students are surrounded by influences, particularly their social media feeds. It is important that as a College we continue to inspire students with positive role models and positive messages. To this end for the start of Term 2 we were privileged to have Professor Susan Alberti AC present at our Whole School Assembly. Referred to fondly as “The Footy Lady” in the title of her biography, Professor Susan Alberti AC has spent a lifetime advocating for a range of medical research priorities, as well as promoting the importance of healthy living and exercise, particularly for women. She was also the leading force behind the establishment of the Australian Football League’s elite women’s competition, which has had immediate flow on to increase the number of girls and women playing Australian Rules Football.

Professor Susan Alberti's story of resilience, goal setting, giving to those less fortunate and maintaining a hard work ethic was incredibly inspiring for our students. Her messages resonated particularly with our Year 10 students who commented:

“Today’s speech was very inspiring to me just hearing about her determination, generosity, and hard work. She has gone through so much throughout her life which only made her stronger. She taught me that hard work gets you places, and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

“appreciate what you have, no idea is too small”

“Susan said that “you must work hard to get what you want”. This quote inspired me to be more motivated, and to try my hardest whenever I can.”

“She had a real belief for women becoming more popular in male dominated areas. I think she was an amazing speaker and very inspiring.”

“you should always try your hardest, and never tell yourself that you can’t do it or let anyone else tell you that you should give up on your dreams and goals and that you should always try and make a difference and to dream big.”

“Susan’s speech mainly inspired me, as a woman to be the best version of myself and to make myself proud of my achievements.”

“you have to work hard towards the things you want to accomplish in life.”

yLead Leadership Workshop

With the appointment of our Year 7 Student Leaders after our Year 7 Camp, our 2024 Student Leadership Team is now complete. I congratulate these students and look forward to seeing them grow as leaders over the course of this year.

 As part of our student leadership program, student leaders participate in a range of leadership workshops to develop important skills to help them in their role.  On 1 May, these students were fortunate to participate in a leadership seminar run by yLead. Natasha Castello, Year 11 Level Leader reflected on this wonderful opportunity:

I was lucky to attend the yLead seminar and left the session inspired with new ideas and approaches to leadership. One activity that stood out to me was Chaos Jenga. It was when you would distract the person as they tried to pull out a block by talking loudly, waving your hand in their face, with a goal of making them break the tower. We did this activity again but the second time used words of encouragement and aimed to get the highest number of blocks added without it falling over. From this activity I learnt that the environment around us influences us as we were able to make a much higher tower in the normal Jenga compared to chaos Jenga. Applying these skills within my leadership position, my goal is to ensure that we create a positive environment. Through fun activities we can work as a team and encourage each other in participating. This will enable us to grow, perform better and achieve our goals. I am so thankful for YLead seminar and all that they taught us!

Ms Leonie Rushbrook
Assistant Principal (Students and Engagement)