Friday 24 May 2024

Business Manager

  • Parking and Traffic around the College
  • Parking and Traffic around the College

Parking and Traffic around the College 

Please read the attached details from the Moonee Valley Council regarding parking and traffic flow around the College. Council Parking Officers are regularly in attendance enforcing the parking restrictions. We also ask that you respect the rights of our neighbours and do not park across or in driveways. Drop off / pick up times are always busy. Please remember that road laws need to be always obeyed. Moonee Valley Council Officers regularly patrol the area around the College and will issue fines if they observe any breaches of the laws. Do not park on or near a school crossing. Do not double park and let your child out on the road. You cannot stay in the drop off / pick up zone for longer than two minutes. Your child needs to be waiting in the zone before you arrive. 

Fines for offences are:

• Stopping in a “No Stopping” area - $165.00 

• Stopped in a Bus Zone - $99.00 

• Parked for a period longer than indicated - $83.00 

• Stopping on or near a children’s crossing - $165.00 

• Stopped on a footpath - $99.00 

• Stopped on or across a driveway or other way of access - $99.00 

• Parked / stopped on a nature strip - $99.00

Mrs Deanne Telford
Business Manager