Tuesday 09 May 2023

Director of Student Wellbeing

  • Wellbeing Days
  • Peer Support Program
  • Wellbeing Days
  • Peer Support Program

Wellbeing Days

Connection, belonging and healthy relationships are protective factors that support enhanced wellbeing and mental health. This term we have focused on the Relationships aspect of Visible Wellbeing as this provides the foundations for great learning and growth for our students and our community.

Through the Year 9 and Year 11 Wellbeing Days students had the opportunity to make connections with each other, to share some of their story and to develop a stronger understanding about other students. Students reported feeling closer with their peers. They reported that they enjoyed knowing that they weren’t alone with their feelings and this helped them feel more connected with their Mentor Group. 

We have moved the Wellbeing Days to earlier in the year in order to support this connection as we know that this helps students to feel more comfortable in the classroom. In turn, this helps students to take more learning risks and feel like they are in a supportive environment. We will continue this focus on relationships with the Year 7, 8 and 10 Wellbeing Days in the first few weeks of Term 2.

Peer Support Program

Our Peer Support program is a unique program that has grown in 2023. The Year 7 Peer Support program has been running for a number of years and it features Year 11 students who meet with their Peer Support Group of about 10 Year 7 students. Throughout Term 1 they have met twice a week to prepare for their performance on the Year 7 camp. The performance is a highlight of the camp and this year was outstanding. All Year 7s engaged and performed. There was a wonderful energy in the room and the students were incredibly supportive of each other. Of course, the teacher act was a great finale!

We have extended the Peer Support program this year to include Peer Support Leaders for Year 8. These Year 11 students work in the Mentor Group during Mentor Period and Mentor Time to create an innovative program where our Year 11s really fill the role of big sister. Our Year 11s have embraced the opportunity for leadership and our Year 8s have enjoyed the guidance and support from older students. We look to continuing to develop this program throughout 2023 as we address the issues that are affecting our students in a meaningful way while also providing opportunities for some fun activities.

Mrs Natalie Meddis
Acting Assistant Principal (Student Wellbeing & Community)