Thursday 01 June 2023

Assistant Principal (Students and Engagement)

  • Year 7 Leadership
  • yLead Student Leadership Seminar
  • Year 7 Leadership
  • yLead Student Leadership Seminar

Year 7 Leadership

Earlier this year Sam Kerr, Australian superstar soccer player and Captain for the Matilda’s, was marked out of a game she was playing against the Czech Republic. As a leader, she passed the captain’s armband to another player and then gave the team a huge motivational talk including: “Don’t stress out. Believe in the plan, believe in the process.”

This leadership from Sam Kerr lead the team to a 4-0 win over their opposition. It was her speech that focused on the planning (that the team had done prior to the game) that was most impressive. The coach of the Matilda’s said the speech galvanised the players to follow a plan to achieve their goal.

Likewise, we are so proud of all the Year 7 members of the Ave community who applied for a leadership position, and, in their application put forward ideas to improve the outcomes of students. The theme running through all applicants was their energy to want to serve. Following applications and an interview process we are pleased to announce the following:

Year 7 Level Leaders: Milana Manariti and Isla Sharpe

Year 7 Franciscan Leader: Sienna Ciavarella and MarishYa Panagiotidis

Year 7 Academic Leader: Alana Gunawardena

Year 7 Arts Leader: Isabelle Downing

Year 7 Clare House Leader: Charlize Hanna

Year 7 Helene House Leader: Tinadi Athukorala

Year 7 Francis House Leader: Madison Ferella

Year 7 Mary House Leader: Stephanie Pentreath

Year 7A Mentor Leader: Ally Hutchinson

Year 7B Mentor Leader: Matilda Angel

Year 7C Mentor Leader: Joanna Gergi

Year 7D Mentor Leader: Alexia Inguanti

Year 7E Mentor Leader: Amelia Romano

yLead Student Leadership Seminar

The aim of the YLead Leadership Seminar afternoon was to review the goals set in Term 1 and reflect on how they could as leaders create stronger buy in from the rest of the student population. Students reviewed their communication strategies and looked at what it meant to work as a team. Students were delighted to welcome back one of the College Co-Captains of 2022, Alex Evans who helped facilitate the afternoon. It is very important that we continue to foster leadership amongst all students at the College so that the voice of all is strong.

Our Year 7 Level Leaders Milana Manariti and Isla Sharpe provide the following report on their Leadership Seminar and their new leadership role:

“Hi all, as the Year 7 Year Level Leaders, we are excited to start our Ave journey and cannot wait for what is ahead. We are also both overly excited about our leadership role and would like to share what we do! As part of our role, we have already participated in a Leadership Seminar and a Year Level Leader meeting. In our Leadership Seminar, we both adapted and developed our leadership skills through fun games and stories!

During the seminar we also got to build a relationship with fellow leaders from different Year levels, and with our co-leaders in Year 7. In our first Leadership meeting, we tried to find and resolve school issues, a main one being the cleanliness of our school bathrooms. To act and solve this issue, we have already made posters about keeping our bathrooms clean and have mentioned the bathrooms in whole school assemblies.

Additionally, with the help of the Year 7 Sub School leader, Mrs Joanne Thompson, Year 7 leaders and students have been going to different feeder primary schools, sharing our experience at Ave as Year 7s. This has been fun, and a fantastic way to improve our leadership skills, especially public speaking. We are having an amazing time here at Ave!”

Ms Leonie Rushbrook
Assistant Principal (Students and Engagement)