Thursday 01 June 2023

Director of Learning and Pathways

  • Careers Incursion
  • General Achievement Test (GAT)
  • Semester One Examinations
  • Studiosity
  • Careers Incursion
  • General Achievement Test (GAT)
  • Semester One Examinations
  • Studiosity

Careers Incursion

All Year 9 students participated in the Virtual Reality Careers Incursion. This experience transported individuals into a world of possibilities, allowing them to step into the shoes of various professionals through the power of Virtual Reality (VR) technology. The Virtual Reality Careers Incursion took advantage of this immersive technology to provide an unparalleled opportunity for individuals to explore and gain insights into diverse careers.

So, what exactly did the Virtual Reality Careers Incursion entail? Participants had access to a curated selection of career simulations, ranging from fields like engineering, medicine, architecture, journalism, and much more. With the help of high-quality VR headsets, users were transported into virtual environments that mimic real-world scenarios and challenges faced by professionals in each respective field.

Through interactive and hands-on experiences, users had the chance to engage in tasks and decision-making processes relevant to the chosen careers. Want to build a virtual skyscraper? Perform surgery in a virtual operating room? Or report on breaking news from the scene? The Virtual Reality Careers Incursion allowed individuals to do all this and more, gaining firsthand exposure to the realities of various professions.

This innovative approach to career exploration provided a safe and controlled environment for individuals to experiment and learn without real-world consequences. Mistakes made in VR can be valuable learning experiences, enhancing knowledge and skills while reducing potential risks. It encouraged individuals to step outside their comfort zones and explore careers they may have never considered before. It promotes curiosity, sparks creativity, and encourages a broader perspective on the world of work.

While the Virtual Reality Careers Incursion offers a remarkable experience, it is important to remember that this is one part of the career exploration process. It complements our programs, research, networking, and real-world experiences.

General Achievement Test (GAT)

Please be advised of the following valuable information for the General Achievement Test taking place at Ave Maria College on Thursday, 15 June 2023. Students are expected to arrive at the College between 8:30am and 8:45am and proceed to Francis Hall.

The VCAA have also provided an information sheet regarding the GAT in 2023, which can be accessed here: 2023 GAT Student Brochure

There will be no scheduled VCE classes on this day. Therefore Year 11 and 12 students who are not undertaking a scored VCE Unit 3/4 study are not required to attend school on this day.

Students must wear their school uniform and may bring into the GAT:

  • a transparent drink bottle – unlabeled
  • basic stationary including pens, pencils and eraser in a clear ziplocked bag
  • an English and/or bilingual dictionary (no thesaurus included)
  • A scientific calculator is permitted in both sections of the GAT

Please see the below schedule. 

Section A: 9.00am - 11.15am: Literacy and Numeracy

BREAK: 11.15am - 1.00pm: (Students are not permitted to go offsite during the break).

The Helene Library and Helene Level 3 will be available to VCE students for rest and private study during this time. Students must line up outside Francis Hall at 1:00pm.

Section B: 1.15pm - 3.00pm: General knowledge and Skills

Semester One Examinations – Year 10 and 11

The College is conducting examinations for Year 10 and Year 11 students. Year 11 exams will commence on Wednesday, 7 June 2023 and conclude Wednesday, 14 June 2023. Year 10 exams will commence on Thursday, 8 June 2023 and conclude Thursday, 15 June 2023.

Examinations are compulsory for all Year 10 and 11 students. In relation to the examinations and how they will be conducted. Students should only be attending the College when they have examinations scheduled. They are permitted to study from home and are not required to remain onsite between examinations. Subject teachers will provide students with a revision guide for their use in preparing for the examinations.


I would like to highlight that all students at Ave Maria College have access to the school’s Studiosity service for online study support. For those new to the system, our Studiosity service provides trusted, after-hours online study support for students in two ways:

  • Writing Feedback: Students can upload any written draft and receive feedback that helps them think about and review their own work.
  • Connect Live: Students can ask a question or draw a diagram and get immediate help via live chat with a qualified Subject Specialist, across all core subject areas.

All students have access to over 750 practice tests and downloadable worksheets with their accounts. These quizzes are available across English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and biology. If students require assistance setting this up, please see IT.

Ms Deborah Bradshaw
Director of Learning and Pathways