Friday 05 May 2023

Assistant Principal (Community and Growth)

  • Upcoming Community Events
  • Ave Alumnae
  • Voices from Vida Street podcast
  • Upcoming Community Events
  • Ave Alumnae
  • Voices from Vida Street podcast

Mother’s Day Breakfast

Our annual Mother’s Day breakfast is taking place in Francis Hall on Thursday, 4 May 2023, from 7:15am-8:15am. We invite all students to bring their mother, grandmother and/or significant females along to celebrate a morning all about them and the important roles they play in our lives. We are offering a delicious pancake breakfast, entertainment from the College Choir and a guest panel of an Ave Alumnae family.

Ave Alumnae - Get Involved!

Have you signed up for Ave Belong, our alumnae platform? Click HERE to register so that we can keep in contact with you. This platform is a way for alumnae to register their interest in sharing their story as well as a platform to network with other Ave graduates. Did you know that there are a range of ways that our Alumnae are involved in College life:

• Profile on our social media: this helps to share the wonderful stories of the diverse careers and pathways of Ave Students.

• Ave Belong Magazine: or biannual publication on what is happening at the College and what our alumnae are up to outside of the College. Each edition has a theme and we look to profile alumnae working in a broad field or industry.

• Guest on our new Voices from Vida Street podcast: this enables more in-depth discussions into pathways and journeys. These stories are inspiring and informative and help our current students to.

• Alumnae Panel: this is where specific careers and pathways are highlighted and students are able to engage in live Q&As. This usually happens during careers week in mid-May but can also occur at other times.

• Guest Speaker: this can include events such as Mother’s and Father’s Day breakfasts, Awards events, Year Level and Whole School Assemblies, and more. We also love having guest speakers in the classroom, who are able to bring theoretical learning to life by discussing real life applications.

• Mentoring: as senior students make decisions about their pathways, we often reach out to alumnae in the selected field and encourage them to have a chat with someone who is currently studying or has recently graduated from a similar course. Hearing about the course and pathway first had is invaluable.

Please be aware that any alumnae who are engaging with our students must have a current Working With Children check (WWC) or a valid exemption. In most instances this only needs to be a ‘volunteer’ WWC which can be obtained online. You can find out more about how to get this by clicking this link: https://www.workingwithchildre...

If you would like to know more or have any suggestions on ways you might like to engage with our current student body, please email us at We would be happy to have a conversation with you to discuss possible options.

Voices from Vida Street - Episode 1 now available

We recently released our introductory episode of our new podcast. Click listen.
We are pleased to also release episode 1: The Portelli’s this week. In this episode we hear from Gemma Portelli (2012), Hannah Portelli (2018) and Majella Portelli (2022). Whilst Majella will be familiar to those who have listened to the introductory episode, she is also one of the College co-captains from 2022 and has been instrumental in getting the podcast up and running. 

In this episode we speak to Majella and her two older sisters about their diverse careers and journeys. All three also held leadership positions whilst at the College, so we hear how that has influenced their lives after completing secondary school. Click to listen to Episode 1.

Ms Elaine Dugdale-Walker
Assistant Principal (Community and Partnerships)