Learning and Wellbeing


The Ave Maria College co-curricular program offers a wide range of opportunities for students across various domains. It aims to foster the creative, spiritual, academic, physical and social abilities and talents of our students.

Events take place throughout the year and fall under the categories of the arts, academia, sport, culture and social justice to name a few. Students have the opportunity to be involved in as many of these activities as they would like, to strengthen relationships with their peers and the Ave Maria community.

House System


Mary is the Mother of God and she is our mother. She teaches us how to say ‘yes’ to God. Her whole life is marked by self-sacrifice. By making her attitude our own, we share in Mary’s mission of love and peace.

The symbol for Mary house is Sister Water because as a plant is nurtured by water so too does Mary nurture our faith in God. She inspires, renews, and heals us and as she gave life to Jesus, so too are we given the promise of eternal life through the waters of Baptism.

House System


St Francis of Assisi is our spiritual father. We look to him for inspiration. He is our model of Franciscan living and relationship with God, others and the world around us. His true power does not lie in wealth, but in detachment and love.

The symbol for Francis house is Brother Sun because just as the sun gives us light and warmth, St Francis with his enthusiasm and passion lights our way and provides us with a connection to God. It teaches us to show warmth in our relationships and see people as our ‘sister’ and ‘brother’.

House System


Helene de Chappotin is the foundress of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. We are grounded in her spirituality and charism. Her flexibility, openness to the world and Gospel fidelity reflect her spirituality. To a world gone mad with power she brings a message of true power: “True power is Jesus – it is love.”

The symbol for Helene house is Mother Earth because just as she is our home, a symbol of action and of being grounded, so too is Ave Maria our home. We are called to action, and we are grounded in the spirituality and charism of Helene de Chappotin.

House System


St Clare of Assisi is a strong feminine example of Franciscan living. Through her example of poverty and humility she invites us to look beyond the wealth and pleasures of this world and points to a more lasting reality.

The Symbol for Clare house is Sister Moon because just as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, so too does Clare reflect the teachings and example of St Francis, but in a uniquely feminine way. The Moon is a symbol of peace, justice and care of creation. These are some of the values Clare house strives to live out.

College Co-Curricular Program

Visual and Performing Arts

Students can choose to develop or showcase their creative passions through Voice, Dance and Instruments. Working together across year levels strengthens belonging to our community.
  • Kick Arts
  • College Choir
  • Friday Karaoke
  • Instrumental Music Program
  • Arts and Technology Festival
  • Talent Quest
  • Spectacular! Spectacular! Lip Sync House Competition
  • College Production


Students can choose to develop or showcase their academic passions through Debating, Extension activities or supportive learning opportunities.


Students can choose to try out for a vast array of sporting opportunities where they represent Ave Maria College.
  • Catholic Girls Sports Association of Victoria
    • Swimming
    • Tennis
    • Indoor Cricket
    • Indoor Soccer
    • AFL
    • Hockey
    • Soccer
    • Volleyball
    • Softball
    • Cross Country
    • Basketball
  • House Swimming Carnival
  • House Athletics Carnival
  • Victorian School Girls Netball Competition

Languages other than English (LOTE):

Students have the opportunity to be involved in either Italian or Indonesian Language competitions against other schools:
  • Dante Alighieri Poetry Recitation Competition
  • Sayembara Lisan Speaking Competition
  • Italian Trip
  • Indonesian Trip

Helene Library

Students can choose to be involved in completing jigsaws, competitions based on themes such as International Women’s Day, or undertaking small craft projects.
  • Creative Spaces