Faith, Mission & Values


We seek to develop in our students a personal and active faith relationship with Jesus Christ, inspired by the example of St Francis and our Franciscan heritage.

The College offers rich and engaging experiences to open our young women to the presence of Jesus in their lives. This is multifaceted and occurs through the Religious Education curriculum; the College Pedagogy of Encounter approach to giving scripture meaning in today’s world; the liturgical life of the College; Student Lead Ministry; Faith Formation Days, Retreats and Immersion Programs.

The faith life of the College is also inspired by the legacy of our four college patrons: Clare, Francis, Helene and Mary.

Clare: She Who Connects. We are strengthened by St Clare of Assisi, a woman of firm faith, commitment and sisterly love.

Francis: She Who Shares. We are inspired by St Francis of Assisi who invites us to know Jesus and enter into a shared humanity through inclusion and peace.

Helene: She Who Learns. We value Helene de Chappotin’s vision for education, which professes learning for all to achieve fullness of life.

Mary: She Who Seeks Truth. We follow Mary’s model for life to trust in the truth of God’s love.

At every Year Level, our students have opportunities to support and participate in social justice action. This is integrated in the Religious Education curriculum through Years 7 to 12 and is also part of co-curricular activities.

We encourage and support student-led initiatives and campaigns. Each Year Level has a social justice focus, led by our Franciscan student leaders, for which students take local and global action to improve the lives of others in meaningful ways.

2024 College Theme

'Through contemplation with God, I seek my purpose'

All of us naturally wonder about the purpose and meaning of our lives. It can be difficult in a world of constant noise, words and images. Religious traditions have long taught of the importance of stillness and contemplation with God.

The Christian Gospels describe Jesus regularly taking time out to be in silence. He would often spend time in contemplation and prayer and encouraged his disciples to do the same.

Contemplation can be described as simply resting in God’s presence. It is a way of ‘looking’ at God and listening with the heart. Contemplation or sitting with God, is attentive waiting with God who is always present. It is like sitting with a friend. It is easiest to do this in the quiet moments of the day, such as during Stillpoint or prayer. We are invited, in these moments into a deep reflection with God, that goes beyond words.

Our College Patron, Helene de Chappotin, was known most of all as a woman of prayer who contemplated often on the passion or final days of Jesus life. She encouraged her sisters to spend time with God in prayer, as it was how to discover, “the greatness of your vocation, the purpose for which you were created.” Helene also wanted her sisters to imitate Jesus in his forgiveness, faith and love. We are called to do the same. In the person of Jesus, the fulness of life’s purpose is revealed

St Clare Chapel