Learning and Wellbeing

Student Leadership

At Ave Maria College hearing the student voice is an integral part of the College. Young people are very aware of the issues facing them both at school and in their wider communities. All students are encouraged to apply for over one hundred leadership positions to enable them to serve the college community and have an impact on decisions made that affect them.

The Ave Maria College Year 12 Student Leadership Team consists of two College Co-Captains, two Franciscan Captains, one Academic Captain, one Arts Captain and two House Captains for each of our four Houses ‐ Clare, Francis, Helene and Mary. The Senior Student Leadership Team meet on a fortnightly basis to decide on new initiatives and the way forward when working with their respective portfolio teams.

As leaders of their peers, the Senior Student Leadership Team has an important role in motivating others and ensuring all voices are heard. A rigorous selection process occurs which involves applications, interviews and speeches. Selection of Year 7-11 leaders for the same portfolios as the Year 12 Captains then occurs. At the beginning of each school year the Class Mentor roles are also opened for application and successful applicants contribute to the voice of the student body in focussing on how to make Ave Maria the best possible place to live and learn.

Philosophy and values

The role of a Student Leader is one of privilege and responsibility. Student Leaders will be expected to complete the duties outlined in their leadership position description, as well as act as positive role models within the College community, upholding the College expectations and code of conduct to the highest level. Student Voice is respected and encouraged within Ave Maria College, and students who take up positions of Leadership take on the responsibility of being the voice of the students and of the College.

Student leadership is supported through Student Leadership Seminar Days that occur once a term. Students work with guest speakers and coaches to strengthen their role in being a leader and to understand how to make their teams most effective. Senior staff members of the College Leadership Team support students throughout the year to work in their respective portfolios: College Captains with Year Level Leaders, Franciscan Captains with Franciscan Year Level Leaders, Academic Captain with Academic Year Level Leaders, Arts Captain with Art Year Level Leaders, and House Captains with House Year Level Leaders. Class Mentor Leaders work with Sub-School Leaders and their Mentor teacher.

Other leadership roles include Peer Support Leaders supporting our Year 7 and Year 8 students. The Year 7 Peer Support Leaders are instrumental in supporting the newest members of our community in their transition to secondary school to ensure they have a very strong connection that helps each new member feel they belong. There are also Media Ambassadors and Tour Assistant Leaders. Throughout the year many full College events occur that all leaders collaborate on to bring such events to fruition. These include International Women's Day/Week, Multicultural Week and RUOK day.

Leadership Roles

To be involved in being positive change agents at their school all students are invited to apply for the following leadership roles. Applications are reviewed, feedback sought and interviews given. All students applying for College Co-Captain are required to present their Action Plans to the Year 11 and Year 12 (of the following year) peers at a Leadership Assembly. Voting for the College Co-Captains is opened to Year 11 and Year 12 (of the following year), staff and the Senior Leadership Team of the college. The final decision of all Leadership Positions rests with the Principal.

Student Year 12 Captain Leadership Roles

College Co-Captains2 per Year 12 level
Franciscan Captains2 per Year 12 level
Academic Captain1 per Year 12 level
Arts Captain1 per Year 12 level
House Captains2 per House, per Year 12 level.

Student Year 7-11 Level Leadership Roles

Franciscan Leader2 per year level (Years 7 to 11)
Year Level Leader2 per year level (Years 7 to 11)
Academic Leader1 per year level (Years 7 to 11)
House Leader1 per house, per year level (Years 7 to 11)
Arts Leader1 per year level (Years 7 to 11)
Mentor Group Leader1 per mentor group (Years 7 to 12)