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Transition Program

Ave Maria College recognises the importance of transition for students joining the College in Year 7 or during the year in Years 8 - 12. We have tailored our transition program to support students to feel known and supported in their new learning environment when they join the College.

At Ave Maria College, your daughter will be known by her peers and teacher so that she can belong and thrive. Transitioning from primary school or another secondary school can be challenging as students need to adjust to a new learning environment, make new friends, and adapt to a different school. Our transition program provides students with a range of resources and support to help them navigate the new learning environment and cope with the challenges that come with it.

Ave Maria College is privileged to be part of your daughter’s journey and seek to provide a curriculum that is contemporary, rigorous and relevant, promoting a deep love of learning and a culture of endeavour and excellence. Learning and wellbeing are interconnected, and we understand the transition program is an essential part of this. We aim to provide a smooth and successful transition for students joining Ave Maria College by providing rich and authentic opportunities to learn, discover their own unique gifts and guide each woman to develop as a whole person, striving for excellence in all her endeavours.

Every student joining the College will participate in a transition program. All Transition Programs commence with the Transition Leader and Registrar contacting the student and their family. More specifically, the Year 7 Ave transition program will involve the team making contact and visiting staff and students at each of the primary schools. Other key features of the program include orientation days, information sessions, camp and a transition week for students, which will cover topics such as time management, study skills, and provide support for students in settling into the College. The program also helps students to build social connections and relationships with their peers and teachers, which is crucial in creating a positive learning environment and promoting positive mental health.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to be involved in their daughter’s ‘College Life’, as it will provide them with the opportunity to understand the changes their child is experiencing and support them through the transition process. Overall, the College transition program plays a vital role in setting students up for success in their high school years and beyond.